Come and Get Me

Come and get me, just come and get me before I vanish into this place that pulls The one of doubt and uncertainty where I see those I love in front of me but continue searching for them as if they were gone I feel myself slipping, in this strange time I slip away to […]

He’s So Young

No poetic words tonight. I’m just pouring my heart on a page.  I talk to the universe a lot these days.  I ask why so many times. Why bring me a man so wonderful, so perfect for me, so in tune with me. Why bring me him and put him on my path, only to […]

The Shirt

It is nighttime. I’m writing, nothing new. The tears stream down my face as I sit at the keyboard, words pouring from me like a river. You wake up quietly and see me sitting at the desk, your shirt, the one I first noticed you in, covering the lace I wore to bed. My hair […]

Who Am I

“Who am I to you”,  you asked.  “Everything”, I answered. “When do you think of me” you wonder.  “Always”, I whisper to you in dreams.  “What do you ask of me” you worry.   “Nothing but you” I answer calmly.  “I do not ask forever,  as I do not have forever. I do not ask for […]

The Picture

Tonight I was looking at a picture you had taken. It was beautiful. I lost myself in that picture and others, while tranquility quietly swept over me. And then I realized I felt you there as if you were pulling me to you. In that moment I came to know you deep in my heart. […]