Sometimes when I think of the word safe, I am reminded how safe someone can make you feel. This is probably the last thing any guy wants to hear, probably right up there with “nice”. Let me tell you now what safe means to me, at least in this context.
Safe means being wrapped up warm and content in the arms of someone you love, someone who, of course, loves you back.
Safe means being able to be the person you really are with this person, not someone they want you to be.
Safe means I can talk about all my hopes, dreams and disappointments, and they listen and maybe laugh with me, but never at me.
Safe means sharing the deepest part of myself, my deepest secrets or my wildest dreams.  I can do this , because I feel safe.
So you see, safe is not so bad. Actually it’s pretty good. So when I tell you that you make me feel safe, just remember what I’m really saying.


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