As I Lie Sleepless On This Night

Last night I wanted to rewrite “In Case I Never Say.” It was badly written, thoughts from the heart, jumbled together. So much is missing from it, things that I wanted to say, things that, when I think of you, have woven threads around my heart. The piece was never meant to be poetic or any kind of writing, if you will, just thoughts, my thoughts, on what it is that makes you different from anyone else that has crossed my path in this life.

It’s important for me to say the words, and say them well, because for me, it’s a turning point, a place in my life, I’ve never been. It’s easy to say the words “I love you” but “why” was never something I was able to define. As I lay awake last night, yes I tried again to sleep, in vain, I thought of those things.

So maybe later, when I’m awake, I’ll make another attempt at it. Hopefully this time, I will capture the words that are here in my heart.


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