If I Could Open The Door

Last night, sleepless again, I was looking at pictures of places I would love to be, if I could get away. These are places where I could be alone with my thoughts, undisturbed. As I flipped through pictures, I came across a picture of a house, very old, very much like the one I see every time I close my eyes. I referenced this house in “The Knowing.”

When I saw the picture of this house, it made me catch my breath, and I just sat there staring. While I’m pretty certain it wasn’t the actual house, it was very similar to it, and gave the images that move through my mind, a stronger more familiar feel.

The problem with these images that we are given, is that they are brief and fleeting, the picture incomplete. If only I could go back to this house, beyond what I see, open the door and look inside. If I could just stay there for a little while, what would I find?

Perhaps in time, I will be given more and questions will be answered for me. Sometimes the mysteries of this world open the door and let us see pictures of what once was, and sometimes that open door allows us to find people, who stir our souls, awakening a memory deep inside.


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