The Words of My Heart

When I first moved this writing from blogger, I wondered who would ever read it, the musings of someone deep in love. Again I debated whether to make it public, or just keep it as something for myself. On blogger, no one knew who I was, while here I am tied to another blog, and a visible profile.

Now I realize that feelings like mine are out there, more than I ever imagined. Not everyone may express them, in written or spoken word, but they feel them, as there are those who faithfully read my ramblings of the heart. It is clear that love stirs the soul like nothing else.

So I will do my best to write something worthy of being read, while opening, perhaps just a little, a window to my soul.


2 thoughts on “The Words of My Heart

  1. You surely have a way with words. You touch me to the core – it’s all so much of what I feel and can’t put into words. Thank you for the beauty you share.

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