More Dreams

You were in my dreams again last night.  You had moved into my home, at least it was my home in the dream.  You were sleeping, and I remember I  watched you sleep, content with that, not wanting anyone to disturb you.  Deep down I wanted to curl up next to you, my head nestled on you shoulder, and listen to your heartbeat, but watching you sleep was such a simple quiet thing, so satisfying.  You were awake later in the dream and smiling, talking to my son,  and then, of course, I woke up.  This dream lasted the entire time I slept, over three hours. 

Dreams of you are so few, but they are the only dreams  I never forget. I remember every detail, including the one where I did hear your heartbeat, while you held me.  A heartbeat, carrying through the deepness of sleep a gentle sound yet so powerful.

I’ve written down the dreams I’ve had of you, in a dream diary. It was a diary started to journal all of my dreams, but as I say, these are the only dreams I remember, so real at times.  They are gifts to me, from where I do not know, but they leave me with peace and contentment. 


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