Tired Ramblings

Why is it tonight, when I need you so badly, I find myself utterly exhausted, unable to write the words. Still you are here in my heart and I feel you close to me. My tears always seem to make that connection stronger, something I’ve never been able to explain. How do you explain this to anyone?

Tomorrow will be better, I suppose, after some sleep. I’ll walk to the lake and sit under my tree. If only you would be there, not just in waking dreams. Still, it’s enough, somehow, to get me through. Our connection is strong. I’ll never completely understand it, at least not now, but I am humbled by something so strong and wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Tired Ramblings

  1. I found my way here from your other blog and what beautiful letters. I felt just as you wrote in one of the missives, who is this about, does this person know how deep a love is abound for them? Truly lovely. May your dreams be fruitful this night.

  2. If I tried to explain who this person is I might sound a bit nuts. He is out there and I have an extremely strong connecton to him, something difficult for me to explain and understand. Whether he knows how much I love him, well, possibly.

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