Forgive me tonight, as I can’t think of anything beautiful to write.  Still, you rest in my heart, as you do every minute of every day.  Words, not poetic, fall from my heart, words not destined for pages of long ago poems, but those words are heartfelt.

Some would call this love I hold in my heart foolish, and would have me keep that love for another.  They do not see, and I cannot explain.  There is no other for me, nor will there be in this life.   What may not be right for another sustains me and breathes life into my soul. 

There are many things I have learned from this life, some about love.  You can be with someone every day of your life and still be all alone, and you can be separated by oceans and be together always.


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. Es un escrito que permite sentir ausencia y soledad…
    Se levanta por encima de las dificultades con la esperanza de un amor que traspasa dudas, y crece en fidelidad.


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