Morning Thoughts

It’s almost morning here. Soon the sun will be pushing the night away and I will head home to bed. It’s crazy working these hours, as I love both the night and the day. I’m wondering where you are today, and what your day will bring. Will you be in your garden, or are you far away from home again. I wonder what is in your garden, and if I wandered through it, what new things might I learn about you. Whatever the day brings for you, I hope it’s wonderful How could I wish anything less for you.

Perhaps I will dream of you today. My sleep has not given me many dreams over the past few months. Those I have of you are a gift, so vivid and real, almost like messages or pieces of a puzzle. What picture would that puzzle be, if it was finished. My heart would paint a picture with love, tranquility, comfort and unmeasurable joy, but the heart can only wait to see what will come.


5 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts

  1. I was tag surfing and stumbled across this blog. You have a very beautiful way of expressing yourself. I hope you will reach the person you have this deep love for 🙂 Keep it up!

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