About Last Night

I spent last night celebrating Beltane.  It was a beautiful celebration filled with energy as I suspected it would be.  The moon was full and shining down on us.  After the celebration, I felt so intense, as is  often  the case.  So, I thought I would meditate and perhaps I would be given more pictures of things gone by, things that would help, maybe, with the pieces of the puzzle.  But all I saw, when I closed my eyes, was you.  You were everywhere with me yesterday, so strong, so intense, I could hear your voice whispering gentle words and feel your arms wrapped around me, your hands on mine.

Tonight I will celebrate more, as I always do for these things and the energy will, no doubt, be higher still.  I will be at the lake today as well.  The water is always my companion,  there to hear the things deepest in my heart.  I send my love every time I am there, and tonight, the full moon will carry it to you, shining down over you all the love that I have in my heart.


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