Love Reaches

I don’t know what to write today. Sometimes I can’t capture what I am feeling in words, but the emotions are so strong, I struggle to keep them inside. It may be that I am the only one who hears these words, but at least I have spoken them and left, maybe, a small piece of my love, in my journals. Will anyone read them, or will they be tossed aside when I am gone, the words lost, resting in some unknown place.

Since I found you, I’ve struggled to understand why I feel this intense emotion and why it hasn’t faded with time. How could I nurture a love so strong for something, someone that is so far away? I faced these questions daily struggling with what seems at times foolish and childlike. I’ve always felt that you were a part of some bigger picture, and now, that picture is becoming clearer to me, but I will save my thoughts on this for my journal.

For today, all I can do is send my love to you and tell you that I am here, always. My heart and spirit walk by your side through all things. No matter where life leads you, my love will be there for you. Love reaches across oceans, lifetimes and all things mystical and mysterious.



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