Forget my Heart?

Some days I decide I’m just going to move through life, day by day, and try to put my thoughts of you on a back burner. Perhaps I can get on with things, and forget my heart. No doubt there is plenty in this life to keep me busy, and many things I can find to get impassioned about.

But then I realize, you are part of me, I think you always have been, I just had to find you. Why it took me this long to find you, I’ll never know, and why life chose to show me this missing piece I’ll never know. I wasn’t looking, because how do you look for something when you don’t know what’s missing. Once found, how can you abandon that part of yourself.

So as I move through this life, you will always be with me, in my heart, my soul and my spirit. Without you, that piece of me would be lost, and my world would once again be covered by that gray mist, where I would wait unknowing for that part of me to be found once again.


One thought on “Forget my Heart?

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