Just Wondering

Today I was wondering, do you read these words, and if so, what do you feel? Do they fill you with warmth, do they comfort you, do they make you uncomfortable. As I sit here on this Sunday afternoon, I wonder, what goes through your mind, if you are reading these letters.  Would you think me foolish or silly, would you laugh at the words that pour from my heart.  My fears creep up on me again, fueled by the uncertainty of something so unexplainable.  I would never write another word if it caused you distress.

Have no fear of of my words, as they are just that. There are no strings to bind you, no expectations, just words, my gift of love, given freely from my heart.

Then, as I sit here, lost in my wondering, I feel your warmth surround me, those feelings of connection that I cannot explain.  My fears and uncertainty melt away,  and I know these words bring us together, if just for fleeting moments in this life.


One thought on “Just Wondering

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