In Search of Love

I always find myself fascinated by the search terms used to get to this blog. Some are surprising, some give me insight as to what the meaning of my letters is to others, and some are more romantic than anything I have ever written. Some of those search terms were used to put together the next paragraph.

Morning thoughts are ever present and at night I do think always of him. I do not hold him except in my heart and he will be with me until that heart stops beating. I will always walk by his side in spirit, no matter where life takes him, for he is part of me. Yes I long to hold his hand and to lie in his embrace, so much so, at times, that it is painful. But again, I would rather walk this life with him in spirit, then have any other by my side.

For those of you who read these, I never knew, when I made these public that anyone would have any interest, and I thank you for making me see that I am not alone. I will continue to write them, and as long as I continue to blog they will be here, with the exception, perhaps, of the most personal.  Thanks for stopping by.


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