Evening Thoughts

Late night is such a quiet time. As the noises of the day fall away, I can sit and think about all the things that get pushed away while I’m busy.

Of course, you are never pushed away, not really, but night time intensifies my thoughts of you. You’re probably still sleeping, I wish I was there, curled in your arm, your breath in my hair. Sometimes I just wonder, as I am drifting off for the night, what your day will bring, where it will take you.

Sometimes I feel you there with me, something I’ll never be able to explain, but it leaves me with a contentment that is beyond words. It happened this evening, when I was lying down trying to meditate. You came and wrapped me up and nothing else was needed. I can only imagine how this must sound to someone reading this, but you understand, I know you do, because you always come to me, when I need you the most.

This love is a mystery, one I may never solve, at least in this lifetime. Still, it is all that I want, all that I need and I am thankful for whatever brought you to me.


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