Flattered? Maybe

Today I was informed that someone is posting my writing on My-Space and claiming it as their own. The writing on Love Letters, with the exception of two poems published under my given name and protected by copyright, are my deepest heartfelt thoughts to someone I love.

There have been a couple of pieces on there that were not my own, love stories put in to fill the gap when I can’t find words. In those cases I have cited my sources.

While I’m flattered that someone finds these letters so inspiring that they wish to use them as their own, these came from my heart and soul and I can’t help but feel a bit violated.

Looking for what is in your own heart and soul can take some time, or perhaps the right person to help you find it. It took me many years to find this person. You can take my words, but they will not bring you the love that I feel.


7 thoughts on “Flattered? Maybe

  1. It amazes me that they would take this writing, a collections of lvoe letters, some badly written. Whatever.

  2. I completely understand how violated you feel. Someone has stolen my own works of art and it isn’t easy. I’m glad they aren’t getting you down. It’s too bad it had to happen to you. May it not keep you from writing. You do have some lovely work on here.

  3. This is off topic for this posting, but there seems to be no general area for comments on the whole of this lovely place. I read something that reminded me of you and your letters, it’s from Bridges of Madison County.

    “This is why I’m here on this planet, at this time, Francesca. Not to travel or make pictures, but to love you. I know that now. I have been falling from the rim of a great, high place, somewhere back in time, for many more years than I have lived in this life. And through all of those years, I have been falling toward you.”

  4. you should be flatterred because they see it so beautiful and inspiring and maybe they feel the same way too but exactly like how your love grows.

  5. I suppose perhaps I should be flattered. It’s just deeply emotional work. After viewing her site I found I’m not the only victim. Thanks for the compliment and for visiting

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