Walking Parallel

Walking parallel, together but apart.
Side by side we walk down the road,
spirits intertwined, together in the mists
almost touching, always reaching.
Her spirit awake, sees what was, what is
what will be again.
The other spirit still slumbers
dreaming of those things.
He travels with the wakeful spirit
but only in the twilight world.
For in the waking world he sleeps
and has no memory.
There is, only a distant pull, unexplained.
Still the pull is there,
and when her spirit calls, his answers.
A quiet love blooms in this place unseen,
while in everyday life it waits.
For our spirits here are bound by love
skipping through time,
Lifetimes lost, and then found
waiting for that time when both will see
and life brings us  together again.


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