When you go away, I wait for your return. You always come back and then that powerful love sweeps over me wrapping me in your embrace. When you go away, I miss you, your touch gone, the warmth of your presence quiet in my world.

The fear that used to capture my heart is leaving, so now when you go away, I walk with you, standing by your side in spirit. Sometimes I know deep in my heart, no matter where you go, I have the better part of you. Your spirit is mine and mine yours, always there, a connection unbroken.

This thing we have is difficult to explain, but it grows stronger, deeper as I move through this life. There are many who will never understand the love that fills me, sometimes I don’t understand it either. How can this make sense? It doesn’t, until you feel it and know that you have all that you need. When you return, I will be waiting.



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