The Letter

My love,

Today I found myself surrounded by thoughts of you. All the words I cannot say, weighed heavily on my heart and I was filled with so much emotion, that at times I found myself overcome. Sometimes I feel like a silly girl, letting something like this take control of me, but my love for you is a powerful thing, filled with tenderness, warmth, passion and yet such a feeling of being safe.

So many things I have not said, continue to sit in my heart, waiting through the sunrise and sunset of many days. Wait they will, for these words will speak for no one but you. When the day comes that I am wrapped in your arms, only on that day will these words spill from my heart and you will know the full measure of my love.

Until that time my love will be the whispers that find you on the gentle breeze, the unspoken words of letters, and those dreams and distant memories that bind our spirits. We walk together always together but apart, for we were once, now found and one day will be again.

Wherever you may go in this life, my love walks with you, by your side.



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