Morning Sun

The sun is coming up this morning. As I watch its light spread over the quiet of the morning, I wonder where you were when the sun came up for you. Did it shine through your window on your dark hair as you lay sleeping? Did it warm you with it’s touch and cover you with the soft pink rays of the first light? If only I could be the sun, for just one morning. I would find you and cover you with the warmth of my love and the softness of my touch.  As the sun rose in the sky, I would become the morning mist and blanket you with tenderness.  The morning mist  would disappear so I would then become the flowers in the field, filling your world with the magical scents of a warm summer day. As the day waned and the flowers in the field faded in twilight,  I would be the first stars in the sky, hearing your dreams and wishes. Finally I would become the moon, shining down all that I could give to you in the quiet of the night. So my love goes full circle, constant, ever present, from the first of the morning dawn to the quiet star filled night, wrapping you in the magic of my heart.


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