Day to Day

Today I am needing you more than ever. It has been an emotional weekend, full of ups and downs, fire, tears and great passion about everything. Now I find myself exhausted but still spinning.  If only I was in your arms and could ground it all.  There is that safety that  you  give me, that place of complete abandon and freedom.  No one has given me this before, not ever.

Now I am wrapping my day by feeling a bit ill. I’m sure it’s the by product of the weekend. I’m feeling very lightheaded  as if I’m drifting away. It’s a feeling I’ve had before, and one that used to frighten me.  Now I just go with it, knowing that if there is more to it, you will be there waiting, for what would I do if you were not, but wander lost and alone.

There is nothing beautiful and flowing falling from me at this moment, only the day to day things that make me miss you even more.  Those beautiful things are still inside me, bound to my heart with the threads of my spirit and soul.  They will have to wait for another day.


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