Writing a Letter

Tonight I sat down to try and write a letter to you. It had been an upsetting evening, one that left me wondering about life and mortality and such things. I wanted to write a letter, one to be put away for another time, a letter filled with everything that might not be said while we are here in this life.

As I sat here trying to write it, I didn’t know how to say everything I wanted to say. There are things I have not told you, things you should know, at least someday. These are not bad things, just things I have “seen” if you will, experiences I have had that you might not understand. My heart is full of words and thoughts but I just can’t seem to put them down. I guess I’m still too tired from everything that happened and what I really need is to be wrapped in your arms.

The letter will be written eventually, and put away so that someday, you will know what passed between us was all that I could have hoped for and more.


3 thoughts on “Writing a Letter

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