The Boy in The Woods

As I drift away, I see him, the boy in the woods, walking out from the trees.  He is so small with  his sandy curls. I know this boy from another dream, when he was very small running around us as we laughed. 

I watch as the small boy walks into the clearing. With each step he changes, growing. The sandy curls grow darker and the boy taller. Finally he is grown and as you stand behind him, I see that he looks so much like you.  

My heart aches as I want to run to both of you and have your arms around me once more. But I can only see the pictures of what once was, when we were together, and feel the love that has always been there.  And so I watch you fade away, but the picture is always with me, once seen, always remembered. 

The boy in the woods, my son, and his father, the man that I loved and have found again.  Why was I given these gifts, these pictures of something so precious. I can only think that you were waiting, and it was my time to find you once more. 


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