Take my Hand

Some would ask why I hang on to this love. They tell me to move away from the past, go forward and live in the present But the past is my present and the present my future. You are there with me through it all. We are like threads woven together, a tapestry rich with all the colors of our love. These threads hold us together, through the hours and days, through lifetimes of being unaware, but for the quiet voice deep within us.  In this lifetime I have heard that voice, the one that carries me back and beckons me forward. I wait now for your hand to take mine, and pull me into the warmth of your embrace.



One thought on “Take my Hand

  1. Merry meet. As I said before, I love your writting. You really move people by the way you write. Your doing a great job. You can see a person’s heart when they write. And you have a good heart. Blessed be.

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