Pictures in the Night

Last night I found myself haunted by a picture. As I turned a page there it was, no writing, only three pictures and my name alone listed on the page. One of the pictures was of a man, almost the shadow of him, standing in the background of beautiful designs and shadows. I caught my breath and found myself starting at this picture, unable to look away. Here you were suddenly, as if you were holding out your hand to me. When I went back to the picture it wasn’t you. Still the picture drew me in and wove a certain magic around me for that moment as if it was speaking to me. What message it carried I cannot be sure other than a moment in time, one filling me with a certainty that I am traveling the right road.

As each day goes by, I believe more and more what a friend has said; there are no coincidences. Perhaps that picture was waiting for me to find it.


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