She lay in bed awake, the moon streaming through her window.  The gentle light caught her face, quiet, with just the trace of a tear.  She wondered now, had she been sleeping, was it a dream or had she moved into the shadows, some other reality. It was a road she traveled alone and would continue to travel alone. Though others would try to believe the things she had to say, she knew how it sounded and she had learned to keep it to herself.

 She lay in the quiet of the night, remembering the moment, his eyes so beautiful, his soul reflected in them. He had seemed to almost appear in front of her, as she walked the wooded path by her home. At first she was fearful, caught alone where no one could see her but something quieted those fears.  He smiled at her gently his eyes moving into her, and held out his hand.  She surprised herself as she took it, wondering why she would give herself over so easily.  He drew her in closely, and as he did, everything around her fell away.  She felt almost pulled from her body, moving with no weight, deeper into the trees.

 She could hear him whispering to her, a familiar voice but the words blurred. They stopped in a small clearing, surrounded by trees and the wildflowers of summer.  It was shadowy and green, and there was a peace in this place, tranquility like nothing she had ever known. In the center of the clearing stood a mirror, large and shimmering with light.    She walked to the mirror, her hand still in his and as she looked she saw a reflection, one she recognized, though it was not her own. She looked at the man standing behind her in that reflection and her heart moved with the pain and longing, of one who has been separated from a love. As she turned from the mirror, he pulled her to him again, down into the quiet of the clearing. She felt him moving over her and as she drifted into the moment his voice whispered to her again, and she remembered.


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