Finding That Missing Piece

Sometimes I feel frustrated, here in this place in my heart. There are few that I can talk to about what I have, what I feel and what is deep in my soul. Most just don’t understand and assign a number of unattractive words to it. Then there are those who do understand, but don’t want to hear it because it gives them pain, a pain caused by something they have not found.

So I am left to put my feelings on the pages of a journal and on the pages of the blog. I am left with my dreams and my time in the shadows with you. My happiness is something that fills me, but one that I can only share with words and dreams. Perhaps it is the way it should be.

Letting it go, as I have been advised to do before, is something that will never happen. How can I let something like this go, when I have been waiting my whole life to find it, to feel it. How could I ever be with another when you are with me in everything that I do. Better to feel this, than walk through this life empty searching for that missing piece. Better to be happy with less than discontent with what some would think as more.

For those who have found what I have found, they will understand what I say. For those who haven’t, I wish with all my heart that you will.


3 thoughts on “Finding That Missing Piece

  1. Passionate words that ring so true. When you find that special someone that appeals to your every sense, where two hearts, two souls, two spirits, have become one as though it is has been such for forever years, it is the most remarkable feeling in the world. A rare encounter I have only known with one such person.

    Thank you for the words. I can feel your love, your passion, and your spirit stirring.

    Happy Holiday to you my friend. May this season fill your heart with faith and hope so you may yet again feel that passionate embrace of your one true love.

    I’m sending timbers up!

    Merry Christmas!

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