Yesterday on my other blog, I posted this picture along with music that for WordPress formatting reasons I can’t put here. I was called “Thoughts” and it was where I wanted to be at the time. In fact it’s where I want to be a great deal of the time. One of the comments I received was in the form of a poem. The poem talked about letting go and moving on. It was beautiful and moving, but at the same time I didn’t know how the reader was given the idea that I needed to let go. I guess it was just a personal opinion from someone who sees the situation from the outside, rather than from my perspective.

As I sat and thought about it, I wondered how many relationships in this world are ruined by people and their interference well meant or otherwise. How many people are separated because someone else doesn’t like it, doesn’t understand it, feels that the age difference is wrong, or for whatever reason. These people often plant a seed with two people who might otherwise be happy. Once that seed is planted what happens then? Does one of them start to doubt and then does this lead to conflict in the relationship? Often many years pass and these people come back to one another, a place of belonging that was always there.

What I have is very hard for some to understand. It’s something that found me and I know it’s something that was here before with this person. The bond that I have is strong beyond anything I can explain. Could I forget about it? Not if I tried, because I have tried, only to have that bond become even stronger. Could I walk away and look for something else? How could I when all I would see in anyone else is the face of another. Will I ever understand it? I hope so, but there is no guarantee. I have to believe there is a reason I found him and it is meant to be. One friend told me she feels it is a learning thing, an experience in this life to teach me something. Perhaps it is, but perhaps it is just two people bound by something so strong that it has found it’s way across time, to bring us together again.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. I have found – that anything “out of the ordinary” is, at times, too much for some people to embrace – and they feel compelled to “help” solve the “problem” as they see it. Usually they are wrong but their intentions are good. I’ve certainly had my fill of unsolicited advice about my situation…

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