Your love surrounds me with a mystic presence,

and I feel your tenderness

as it stands with me in the shadows. 

But I have traveled this road alone for so long

without the touch of your hand. 

I long to feel  you next to me

that shelter, that safe place where I can drift away.

My heart aches for that place now like never before

where my heart and soul can open to you alone

and with my tears, the burdens of the day will fall away.

So now I reach back through the mists 

and ask you to come to me  if you hear my call.

Wrap me in the warmth of  your embrace 

and  let me rest once more.


3 thoughts on “Reaching

  1. your blog is so beautiful. somehow you’ve managed to read my thoughts and turn them into words, something i cannot. thanks man, you’ve made my day.

  2. just a p.s. to my last comment, i’m terribly sorry Joy cause i mistook you for a guy. i guess since your words so closely fit my own thoughts, i figured this wonderful poetry must be also coming from a guy. I did not mean to cause any harm. Please understand. I truly hope that you continue writing your poems, they give a voice to my inner spirit. God bless.

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