Old Pictures

One day I was searching through old pictures in my childhood home. We had many pictures as my father was “in the business.” We were also the lucky recipients of all the old pictures that filtered down from years gone by. I suppose it was because of my fathers occupation these pictures came to us for safe keeping.

As I went through the pictures I came across one of a young man. He was someone my mother had known as it was in with her things. He was in his pilot attire from WWII. As I sat and gazed upon this picture  I wondered who he was and who he had been to my mother that she had kept his picture all those years. Had he been killed? I was never to find out nor did I ever ask my mother about it.

Now I wonder, will my children some day search through pictures and find one of a man they do not know. Will they wonder, who was this man that she kept his picture all of her life.

Your picture is always with me, in my mind, in my heart and sitting before me each day. I leave with it a piece of my heart written on the pages of a journal. Perhaps if nothing else they will know what we had through those words.


3 thoughts on “Old Pictures

  1. Very moving, My grandfather had a photograph of a lovely Korean woman that we found after he died. We still wonder why, when he kept nothing else from his time in Korea, did he keep that picture.

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