Listen to The Voice In Your Heart

Yesterday I sat with pen and paper,

trying to speak with you,

something new I decided to try.

Perhaps you would have the answers

to all the questions that fill me.

As I wrote those things I wished to know,

you were there, but only watching.

You spoke only to try and reach me

and tell me to stop

as you have done so often.

Stop doubting the voice in my heart.

Stop trying to find the answers.

Those answers will come in time,

when I am ready to hear them.

It took me hours to hear your voice,

as no doubt you watched me struggle

hearing only my doubts and fears

filling me with pain and sadness.

You spoke with strength yesterday

bending your shelter over me

telling me to be strong in the face of waiting.

As I have sent my love to you

to steady you when you are weary,

so it has returned to me.

I feel your hands behind me  

and your arms around me.

Listen to the voice deep in your heart

and know that you hear all that you need.





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