The Message

Last night I felt you with me. It was as if you were trying to speak to me. As I lay in bed, it was as if I could feel your arms wrapped around me. Your words found me in soft whispers with the sound of your heartbeat filling the quiet of night with a gentle rhythm.

Today as I sat here thinking of you a message came up, out of nowhere. I sat wondering how this could happen as my security blocks all pop ups of any kind. As I looked, it was a page offering readings. I was amused by it and as it was a small offering, I decided to go ahead.

The reading was short, not a relationship reading. just a general one. I had not offered any input that might suggest you were even present in my life, nor had I offered any input at all. Still there you were in the reading, center stage I sat staring at this small paragraph, something so woven with what is in my heart and something that answered a question that has been with me for some time.

Why did this come to me today, this page filled with a message? Perhaps you were under the moon last night sending your heart to me.


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