Tonight I sit quietly in the softness of the night putting down long overdue words words that whisper like the first snow falling gently, softly brushing the page whispers of things said and left unsaid whispers from my heart to yours for it has always been you who made my heart whisper.  Advertisements

Tell Me

Tell me how to quiet my heart when it aches for you this night. Tell me how to quiet the words that speak to you from my heart, your warmth so near even when your place is empty. Tell me when you will come to me and wrap me in your arms the sound of […]

Weaving Words

As I sit writing your letter I know it will be late getting to you. I should have known  given how long the last letter took to write. Crafting the words is difficult,  words quietly weaving a tapestry of my heart with gentle colors that will speak to you. Perhaps I try to hard to […]