Apart but Together

Remember I am with you no matter where this life carries you. My heart beats with yours and my spirit sleeps softly by your side. My day is your night, my sun your moon. We are two souls who are one walking in this life, apart but together always. Reach out your hand and you will feel me there, close your eyes and you will see me, listen and you will hear me whisper, for the love I send will always be yours.



3 thoughts on “Apart but Together

  1. You are a very talented writer. I may not know very much about writing in general because it is a great struggle for me to just express myself, but your words touch me. I know what I like and frankly, that’s not very much. It’s as if you capture the very feelings I possess for someone that I miss passionately. Our spirits, our hearts, our souls, seems as though forever since the beginning, have always been as one.

    Your stuff is phenomenal. I’m an immediate fan.

    I’m glad I ran across your retreat.

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