The Beat of My Heart

I was afraid to love for many years, because I loved too much, because I loved freely and gave freely to those who did not return that love. I closed my heart to love, to sadness and sorrow to joy and laughter. I stayed, locked away in my safe place, unknowing, unfeeling unmoved by the beauty of the world that passed me by. I walked alive but unseeing through life with a heart no longer beating.  Then one day I found myself loving  again, this time knowing what love should be. This love brings a oneness that has made me whole. It is a mysterious mystical love and I have resigned myself to the knowledge that few will understand it. I will never stop listening to the voice of this love, but will walk through the mysteries to find it and embrace it with all that I have. There is joy and sadness with this love and there is comfort and caring It brings a rapture that fills my spirit and sings in my soul echoed by the sound of my beating heart.


One thought on “The Beat of My Heart

  1. Siempre vengo a leer su blog… hoy quiero saludar y desear una significativa Navidad…

    Escribe bella poesía… cartas dulces… nacidas de un corazón que llego a profunda verdad…


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