The Silver Thread

Who are you, my love,
that you wait in the shadow of my dreams.
Who were you, my love
that my heart is filled with a longing so strong.
Who were we, that this love of mine never falters,
but grows stronger with each passing day.
Why did I find you now, or is it you that found me.
How many lifetimes have passed, waiting.
The answers to these questions I do not know,
perhaps it is not my time to see.
For now, I will come to you in that place
between waking and dreams,
the silver thread binding me, holding me
always taking me back.
Look for me there, and you will always find me.
Ask me to stay, the silver thread will fall away,
and I will leave you no more.


12 thoughts on “The Silver Thread

  1. A moment of mystery and stillness .

    Forever ?

    Always I can assure you. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Who am I mystically? I wish I knew. Love of fame, I can assure you no. I am hardly achieving any fame with this. If I could say these words to his face rather than put them on the pages of a blog I would trade it all away. This is a testament of my heart and I hope he finds it here. My love will always be in safe keeping for this person as he is the only one who will ever have it. The intensity of such emotion makes it difficult to not speak of it at all.

  3. Time will sift the true from false .
    Only that which stands the trials of reality will remain .
    I also don’t know why I am writing all these .
    Something about the words …….

    Fame too is not bad . Recognition is a positive feeling too.
    Sometimes more positive than love .
    I just hope the emotion is not being “used” .


  4. I’m interested in knowing what about my words is causing these feelings in you. It seems you are another who questions what it is I feel. There are some who understand but they are few. Only when you find it can you understand it. Fame is not bad, but it is fleeting. What is in my heart is steadfast. Perhaps you feel I should not put those feelings here. If writing about my heart uses that emotion then I suppose it is being used. Why does writing what I feel cheapen it or make it any less genuine? If no one had ever put to words those things deepest in their heart, certainly we would be missing a great many beautiful sonnets and poems from the past.

  5. Is that the intent ?
    To show the world how great it is ?

    What is great remains graceful without having to be
    exhibited for everyone to see .

    True intensity is subtle and soft ………

    Sorry again …… Reread your words …….
    You may see what I am conveying .


  6. Interesting to read the string of comments by Akash!

    Err ever heard of “Freedom of Expression” Akash? If the Lady writes about the Love she has in her life, there doesn’t have to be any ulterior motive behnd it. I believe you want to learn how to write Poetry ( you mention in your blog) well, read poetry, the kind that talks of Love. Read Rumi and Rabia and all the other Sufi poets, would you question their motive for writing?

    Honestly, don’t we all wish we could feel such unconditional Love? The kind we read about here in Godenferis words?

    Enjoy the words as unconditionally.

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