Think me Lost

My words have been quiet for a few days, trapped in this place inside me.  There have been questions again from others, those who don’t know, though they might think they do, what it is I feel and what has been shown to me.  It is said that others are put on your path, sometimes for just a time, to help guide you, to help you on your way. Perhaps this is true, something I thought about last night.  Those people have crossed my path, questioning, doubting and guiding me now to a sure and certain place where I know what I have found is not for them to see.  We alone can  see what we have been given and feel the things that come our way.  The mysteries of others are not for our eyes or understanding.  Think me foolish, think me lost, think whatever you choose. I will stay in this place where love has found me and listen to voice that is mine to hear. Each of us is given our own experiences in this world, some of them hard, some to teach us, some perhaps because it is our time.  What I have found I will carry with me through my life in a place deep in my heart and soul, for without it, I wander this world lost and alone.



5 thoughts on “Think me Lost

  1. Whoever you are , you are right .
    Only you can understand yourself .
    You have a right to what life has given you .
    You have a right to the essence of all that
    you have distilled from your experiences .

    Happy New Year .


  2. Seeing isn’t believing and what is true in your heart, is your truth…no one has the right or role to decide what is right or wrong, real or false for you. I applaud your strength and ability to trust what your heart reveals. May your love grow and floursih in all the years to come. *hugs*

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