Love is the Essence

Love is the essence, the food that nourishes the soul. It is the thing that lifts the spirit, that keeps us searching, always looking for that missing piece. When love is not love but an illusion it is the tears that fall alone and the fear that hides our heart away, but when love is true it is comfort and contentment, the touch of a hand, a smile from across a room. It is the safety that lets the person deep inside grow and blossom. Love is a tapestry of two who are woven together, the colors of one complimenting the other, weaving a story. Love is whispers in the quiet night and the wild heartbeat of passion and longing. Love is all these things and more. You are my essence, my love, the one who lets me fly free, so I can find the woman deep within who has been waiting for you forever.




4 thoughts on “Love is the Essence

  1. I have only experienced this level of Love once in my life.

    Forever years I thought it an improbability to ever personally feel this level of emotion for someone because it was not in my nature, nor did I think I was deserving. When it unexpectedly happened, it was as if the sky opened and the spirit of the Four Winds said, “My Son, I have prepared your heart to embrace the possibilities which have escaped you.”

    Every word you have written makes me feel as though you had the ability to peer into my heart and scribe the very emotions that remain in quietude.

    Thank you for the nourishing and for expressing in such a way that uplifts my very spirit. These are good words. These are powerful images. These are the feelings for which I feel.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the comments Hawk. I know you understand what it is that I feel. I appreciate your kind words. I’m going to give this format a try now for responses.

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