Something From a Friend

Today I found this forwarded to me by my friend Hawk. When he comes here, he understands the things that come from my heart. Thank you so much. I am putting on both blogs as he visits both and I’m not sure which one this was intended for. It’s always uplifting to be recognized by […]

A Gift

Today I realized it’s been almost two years since I looked up one day and found you. There are times when the powerful ache inside me makes me wish I hadn’t, but those times are replaced by the deep knowing inside me that you were a gift, one that fuels the beat of my heart […]

January Evening

As twilight falls on this January evening, I sit watching the snow fall, a soft whisper of white brushing over the earth. You are here with me, as you always are, deep in my heart and I wonder if you feel me as my thoughts turn to you, the love from my heart wrapping around […]