Whisper To The Moon

It is late, the moon shining through my window. I should be sleeping but my heart will not be still. My thoughts once again fall to you. As I close my eyes I will wish on the moon and ask that she wraps me in her arms and carries me to you.  There you will be in the chair on the porch where we have been together so many times before looking out at the garden  wrapped in her veil of winter.  I’ll be there soon resting softly against you.  I’ve only to whisper now, to the moon.


3 thoughts on “Whisper To The Moon

  1. And the moon whispers back, “I understand the hollowness of thine heart gentle spirit. Do not despair from the chill of the north wind of loneliness, for the sun rises on the day break of a new tomorrow, where you will feel the warmth of my brother’s rays…a new day…a new day of unlimited possibilities.”

  2. I see you changed your theme. It looks very nice.

    Thanks I’m glad to hear it. I have never changed it in a year and I wanted something a bit different.

  3. I have been reading your expressions from past – more than a year. I go speechless everytime I read your blog.

    Thank you very much for accelerating the love I feel within me.

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