Thoughts On A Winters Day

Last night as I was lying in bed, all these words started moving through me, words I want to put in a letter but haven’t. As I felt them wash over me, I wanted you here so I could turn and tell you what was in my heart.

It wasn’t love at first site, just a look a glance that made me wonder about you and made me want to know more. As I heard your words its as if they spoke to someplace deep inside me and I felt like I heard the words unsaid as well. I liked you immediately, thinking “what a nice guy,” and that was it. But, I kept coming back as I wanted to know more. I was impressed by your convictions, swept away by your enthusiasm and warmed by your kindness. One day I realized you were in my thoughts every moment and I was filled with a comfort and safety I couldn’t explain. It was then I realized I loved you, a love I had never experienced before, one that made me feel as if I’d known you through the ages.

Perhaps these are foolish thoughts to others, but I knew at that moment there would be nothing like it with anyone else. It was then I felt you walking with me and your warmth come to me from the shadows, taking my breath away. It’s amazing the bond I have with you, one that takes me to you and sometimes brings you to me. I’ll never be able to capture it in words this bond we have, but now I realize there is such a thing as walking in parallel lives and those things I have seen and felt with you were not flights of fancy. I have been on that porch in the big chair lying in your arms. I have walked through the gardens and laughed with you in the moonlight. I have heard you heartbeat, the rhythm of life, as I was folded in your arms.

I know as I write this, there are those who will walk away thinking I’ve lost it or that I’m well on my way. It doesn’t matter as long as you know I love you, this man I found deep inside, your spirit wrapping around mine and holding me close.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts On A Winters Day

  1. I read this somewhere and want to share it with you…….

    “I have been falling from the rim of a great, high place, somewhere back in time, for many more years than I have lived in this life. And through all of those years, I have been falling toward you.”

    BTW your blog looks very attractive now.

  2. These are beautiful expressions from your heart. I have to agree with Abdur “…love is the only sanity we have left.” And if I may, those who do walk away thinking you have lost it, have never truly experienced that one rare connection with that of another. It (this thing called loVe) remains somewhat superficial with the majority, an allusive connection few ever experience at this level.

    Peace to you my sister.

    It is indeed a rare connection, one that I couldn’t believe when it first started happening. It is something so powerful and beautiful that it is beyond understanding unless it has been experienced.

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