Conversations of the Heart

Sometimes I go for days without writing something here, not because I’ve run out of words, as someone suggested I might, but because the words are too tender, too close and I find they are only meant to speak in quiet moments. Right now I am filled with those words and I wish you were here, or I was there and were were sitting together in the over-sized chair I’ve seen so often, the one where, sitting together,  I tell you all the secrets of my heart and soul.

Why is it on these tired mornings after a night of all work and no sleep,  my thoughts turn to you and that familiar ache in my heart seems to speak your name.   I hear it  now, your name spoken with tenderness, the confirmations of love whispered softly.  As I hear my heart conversing with the quiet of the early morning,  I feel an unexplainable knowing sweeping over me.  You have heard me and suddenly I am filled with a deep contentment..


3 thoughts on “Conversations of the Heart

  1. What a delicate reminder of the beauty of love.

    Reguarding your choosing quiet moments, they are the only ones…speak from your heart and soul, no ones voice is larger than yours that speaks a thousand voices…

    Those conversations get me through the days and nights.

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