By Night The Moon

Someone once told me how you were put here to help me learn, a thought I had trouble embracing. As I sat thinking about this last night, I realized in some part they were right. You were put here I am certain to help me learn about love. All my life I have been quick to rush into situations thinking it was love and only afterwards realizing it was not. After enough of what love was not, I put my heart under wraps for many years. I used to think perhaps I had kept it locked away too long, but I know now it was waiting for you. You have taught me the value of time, the depth and intensity of love. I have learned to go slow, savoring all that love can be, and take small moments as  gifts. My thoughts were many last night and I realized perhaps this is all I will get in this life, a love seen through a window, our words like a soft breeze brushing by us, fleeting moments of time recaptured.

My heart waits in a garden walking the stone path that leads to a door. This door opens unto the shadow of my dreams. As I stand shrouded by the plants and flowers of this garden I watch your life pass by. I know at times we hear each other, connecting if only for a moment. If you stop, you will find me there, in a touch, a whisper or a tender moment unexplained, my words hanging on the air like the scent of flowers on a summers night.

One day I will step from the garden and you will remember, a knowing opening from deep within and you will come with me. Here all that we knew will return to us. By day I will be the water and you the wind that moves me. By night I will be the moon and you the stars shining down on the garden where love has waited so long.



4 thoughts on “By Night The Moon

  1. You really inspires me. I love this, really, really loving it. I can feel you, I can sense the feeling from the words.

    Thanks for cheering up my day. (^.^)

    Thank you.

  2. Your love letters remind me of the conversations I haVe with God and the ones I imagine God has with all of us. I often wonder if like parents are with children if God is saddened when we don’t get along, but love us still the same. I love my God so very much, but sometimes, I realize I’m not there for Him, but still he loves me and I feel his love and He feels my love; but every so often, we meet and are on one accord and it is in these moments that I feel so much joy.

    Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . .

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