Silent Heart

Come to me my love for here I wait and wait again in the soft cover of night where we meet in shadows memory drifting into dreams dreams drifting into life. Here you will find me the whisper of our words gracing the night with sounds that fill my silent heart. Advertisements

Measure of Love

Today it is as if I hear the whispers of your heart wrapping around me, touching me the with the softness I so long for. Your heartbeat measures the rhythm of each breath I take and though I travel without you by my side you are with me. I have dreamt of you both young […]

It’s Just Me

The early morning seems to make me feel your presence the most. I suppose I will never know why, but right now I feel you so close.  I wish I could tell you what you mean to me, not flowery words or adolescent ideals, just what I feel.  Sleep is calling and I just can’t […]