Measure of Love

Today it is as if I hear the whispers of your heart wrapping around me, touching me the with the softness I so long for. Your heartbeat measures the rhythm of each breath I take and though I travel without you by my side you are with me. I have dreamt of you both young and weathered by the years, the tenderness and passion I feel unchecked by the passage of time. This bond I have with you goes without description for how can you tell another of a love so strong and beautiful, one that defies the boundaries of this life. You hear the words I speak, this I know. One day you will know full measure of the love they bear, a love that will travel through the hours and days, waiting for no other.

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One thought on “Measure of Love

  1. “whispers of your heart”

    “unchecked by the passage of time”

    “waiting for no other”

    This Love… is indeed pure… it is the love I have yet to feel… and yet it feels hauntingly real… your words are beautiful..

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