A Thousand Years

Tonight as I sit here listening to music and trying to find words to write, I wonder when you dream, do you hear the words I whisper. When you sit with your morning tea, waking from sleep, do you read the words on this page. If so is there a knowing, that whisper deep inside […]

Last Night

Last night I wished upon the moon and you came to me in dreams. You spoke to me in whispers telling me you were sorry you had been away and when you were finished with what you were doing now you would come back to me. I woke from that dream with a peace and […]

Constant Flame

I feel you walk with me these past days, silently by my side with a touch so unmistakable as one waiting for the moment I will come to you. When I see you from the shadows I am left breathless with want and I long to rush to your embrace.  But once again you tell […]

Forgotten Words

The words wash over me forgotten from the pages of the book absent from my pen that longs to write them. I am lost in you, all words forgotten but the ones that linger here in my heart waiting for you to hear them. I am lost in you as I wander through the minutes […]

Weaving Words of the Heart

The last few days have been spent thinking about my love for you. When others look in your eyes they see only the man. When I look into your eyes, I see the man I knew and the man I have once again found. I hear you speak to me and I am overwhelmed. Never […]