My heart is adrift as I travel

floating away quietly

as the sky before twilight

reflects upon the water.

The colors of day the evening

paint their pictures on the still surface

as the sweet scent of flowers

fills the air around me.

I close my eyes and you are there

journeying with me these past days

whispering to me, reaching for me.

You find me in dreams

and in my waking hours

Always you are there with me

and my heart is filled with

the words I wish to say.

My pen will fill the paper

with the words for you alone

words only you will understand,

and one day I will drift upon the water

to where you wait for me.


One thought on “Adrift

  1. This is a very beautiful and comforting letter. I thank you for sharing your words; for they often times help me see clearly. Peace, Light and beautiful dreams of love to you and the love of your life and dreams. CordieB.

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