When You Dream

When you dream, do you remember me, or do you dream the dreams of this life alone?

When you sleep do you hear my whispers or do they blend with the sounds of the night air, forgotten on a breeze?

One day I had a dream and I remembered you and now my dreams are of many things, but I can feel you there with me.

I have heard your voice within and without dreams telling me to wait. I will wait there is no doubt, though I wonder how many lifetimes it will take to find you again.

If I told you I missed you would you understand, because I do not know if I will ever understand, but when the sun comes up on days like this, I know that I have missed you for as long as I can remember.


One thought on “When You Dream

  1. When I dream I wish to hear as beautiful a dream as this…
    It is like nothing else I have ever experienced.

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