The Journal

Last night I sat by candlelight

something magical don’t you think?

The candles shimmered,

their silhouettes dancing

in the shadows.

As I watched the light play

I started writing

a journal for you.

I started from the beginning

describing how it all started

the first time I saw you

what I felt, and didn’t feel

how it grew

and how it surprised me.

I remembered it was then I knew

why nothing had ever felt right,

why everyone else

failed to hold my heart

try as I might to make it work.

There will never be enough words

to say what I need

to make you understand

what it is, and what it is not.

Tonight I will write again

by candlelight

and I will try to capture the words

to fill more pages.

One day perhaps

you will hold this journal

in your hands.

As the words roll over you

I hope you will understand

at least part

of what my heart was trying to say.


3 thoughts on “The Journal

  1. The sweetness of love… perhaps one day I shall write a journal…

    Some days the words flow and others are more difficult.

  2. I’ve read your posts on both WordPress blogs for about two years now, and I have mused over the meanings of these particular posts many times. Now, at the crux of a major decision, I found myself turning to your posts for some inclination of which path to choose. I know that of which you speak and I, too, began a journal for someone. Odd how I now understand why I was lead to your words. You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make her drink. By sipping the water, I want the wine, too!

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