Shadows and Dreams

It has been days since I have felt connected to you. I found myself wrestling with fears that the absence of all that was familiar would cause those things to vanish.  Of course it was only fatigue and a mind filled with the many details of a move. So often I closed my eyes, trying to journey to you, but I was unsuccessful.  I needed to feel your presence, though it comes only in shadows and dreams.  Last night you were there, and I could feel the words starting to form within and the gentle closeness I can never explain. 

Though the lyrical words still I wish for elude me, I can still speak from the heart. Our lives are separate, a time for each of us to walk through the years. Why I have been given a window to yours I may never know.  At times that window opens if for just a moment, allowing me to reach through and knowing there is something beautiful from before waiting for me again.  Of this I truly believe.  Perhaps in time this window will open more and what lies beyond the glass will be revealed to me. Until then it will be enough, as I would gladly have shadows and dreams with you, than a life with another.

One day perhaps I will find you waiting at my door as it was in my dream.  Once again I will rest in your arms, your heartbeat filling the quiet of the night. Then I will know that you have come to me as  you told me in the dream that you would and that I have slipped away to be with you at last.


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